Bright Ideas - June 2013

@dmire events programme is hotting up for the Summer and there are some great deals available - so there's no better time to book an experience with us.

Flying over Flanders Fields!

poppy.jpg Next year will mark the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War, the Great War given the unprecedented scale and intensity of the global conflict between 1914 and 1918. About 70 million soldiers of all nationalities took part in the battle and visiting the battlefields today is a moving experience for all generations.

The "Westhoek", the western part of the Province of West-Flanders, commonly known as Flanders Fields was the scene of horrific battles during the Great War and is now covered with a flowering of tributes through memorials, cemetery headstones and museums to spread a message of peace all over the world.
As a favourite operator to Flanders fascinating war past, @dmire offers different sightseeing tours with each time another view on the area's turbulent past .

For a unique and unforgettable experience, we offer to discover the historical sites of Diksmuide, Ypres, Passendale, Houthulst, Ysertower, Trench of Death or Menin Gate from the sky, on board a helicopter or a small private plane ! Relive the crucial moments of battle between the Belgians, British, Canadians, Australians and the German Army with breathtaking aerial views on the heritage of the region.

Brussels, Brugges or Ypers are ideal bases to explore the region and will allow you to unwind and relax after a deep insight of WWI events. A private car will pick you up at the hotel and after a scrumptious lunch in Diksmuide or Kortrijk sampling Belgian cuisine, it'll be time to take off for a flight journey through the battles that changed the course of history.

Turning tables

ipad.jpg The new born of our creations to spice up your business meetings and events !
Looking for something different for your next company event or meeting? Need to wake up your team and enhance collaborative teamwork?

@dmire are the quiz professionals with a digital touch. In this concept we use electronic device such as a laptop, tablet or Ipad as an interactive tool to create competition and synergies between different teams. Ideal to include everyone and make sure each member of staff is involved during a working lunch or dinner.

We tailor each quiz to our audience, and can include questions based on general knowledge or specific corporate or industry related topics - all topped off with our unique electronic scoreboard to keep the audience's adrenaline flowing.

MONS gearing up for European Capital of Culture in 2015

mons3.jpg Most people will associate the town of Mons with the important role it played in WWI and the presence of British and German troops in 1914, but the city's history dates back to Roman times.
Ancient traditions are celebrated in this lively town and The Ducasse de Mons or Doudou is the perfect example of an annual popular festival during the Trinity Sunday (57 days after Easter) which is recognized as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
A true place of inspiration, notably the Dutch post-Impressionist painter Van Gogh lived in Mons from 1878 to 1880, while the French poet Verlaine wrote many of his masterpieces in the Mons prison.

It is no wonder Mons won the bid and the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2015. Being designated European Capital of Culture is an outstanding opportunity to affirm Mons's position on the European chessboard .

The arts programme combining international artistic content with the wealth arising from local diversity promises to be impressive and the town's event scene will be booming. This will all add to the charm of Mons and its attraction landmarks.

For a preview of Mons 2015, there has never been a better time to visit. @dmire combines cultural and social programmes, incentives or meetings and events before the big party begins !

Gourmets in the sky of Brussels (03-30/06/2013)

brusselsky.jpg After Paris, London, Dubai, Las Vegas, Sydney... Dinner in the Sky settles for 4 weeks in Brussels. Imagine a surreal gourmet dinner in the Brussels skyline, overlooking the most iconic buildings and landscapes of our capital city and indulge in a gastronomic meal prepared by one of the best chefs in Belgium.

@dmire offers this unique occasion to discover Brussels' high cuisine in the most extraordinary manner possible: 22 guests and 1 'starred' chef will share an unforgettable gastronomic experience in the skies. The concept is crazy and certainly gives guests a huge adrenaline kick at the beginning.

Hurry up to book though as it will only last a few weeks ! Contact @dmire today to enquire.

New Brussels tour for Fashion Victims !

fashion.jpg In Belgium, the Schools of Design produce international fashion designers and @dmire takes you on an exclusive tour to discover Brussels in an original way to learn about latest fashion secrets, trends and beauty breakthrough! Get ready to become a fashion connoisseur after this half-day fashion tour which stimulates social interaction with fellow team members. Fashion shops and galleries are springing up along Rue Antoine Dansaert and you will discover the secret of this emerging fashion scene.

Our day starts at the Delvaux workshop for an insight into the history of the leather brands which dates back to 1829. You'll get to experience first-hand the craftsmanship to transform raw leather into the desired shape, model or colour. Lunch will be served at our partner restaurant Bonsoir Clara, arranged with minimalism design and showcasing a huge beautifully coloured stained glass facing a gigantic patchwork tapestry.A tour of the Dansaert quarter will follow with a selective outlook into trendy boutiques such Annemie, Stijl, Haleluja, Hunting & Collecting. Because no fashion of Brussels would be complete without it, we finish off the tour at MAD Brussels, the Fashion & Design Center in Brussels promoting national fashion designers and projects.

To celebrate our fashion day out, we top up the day with a glass of champagne at Maison Martin Margiela.

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