Bright Ideas - March 2014

@dmire Flanders Fields – Teambuilding

klaproze.jpg Some history

Hundred years ago, near Diksmuide, a German division managed to form a bridgehead at Tervaete. This forced the allied troops to retreat to the Diksmuide-Newport railway. Major Henri d'Outremont and his troops managed to stop the Germans at the cost of his own life. Fearing a German breakthrough in the direction of Dunkirk and Calais, the Belgians took a drastic step and opened the Canal locks at Newport. The result was a gradual flooding of the low country between the Canal and the railway. These events of October 1914 are in the chronicles of the Great War known as ‘The battle of the Yser'.

The @dmire teambuilding Program

Immerse yourself in this historic tale and relive history by bike or electric cart. Every team gets a number of @dmire trials presented at different locations (the death row, the bridge of Tervaete, the canal locks at Newport, the old railway, etc). If the team members manage to finish them well, they deserve several medals of Honor. Off course, the journey doesn't have to be too rough all day long, for instance one of the trials includes a local beer tasting. Cheers.
But don't forget the ultimate goal... Expel the opponent with your team and eternal glory will be yours within the company!!!!

@dmire the taste of Chocolate

chocolate.jpg "Belgium is famous around the world for its high quality chocolate. The chocolate bonbon, or praline, was invented in Brussels in 1912 by Jean Neuhaus, .. Nowadays there are over 2,000 Belgian chocolatiers.

Follow the trail of the top chocolate shops as a guided walking tour. It's a chocoholic's dream!
Get a teambuilding knowledgeable aspect with a multiple choice questionnaire and discover, test your knowledge on Belgian Chocolate and meanwhile a dedicated guide will point out major Brussels sights like the Sablon area, The Gallery St Hubert, some of the history of Brussels and tell you why it's famous for mouthwatering chocolate.

You'll visit several chocolate boutiques, enjoy tastings of delectable Belgian treats and finally ...end up making your own chocolates"

@dmire–Mechelen and Moon Extinguishers –Teambuilding

mechelen.jpg Thanks to the exclusive @dmire teambuilding, you can inhale, see, smell and taste the air of ancient times. We assure you a great time in the city where Lodewijk von Beethoven, father of one of the greatest musicians ever, was born. Your guess was correct; the name of his son was Ludwig.

You will experience, the authenticity of far-off days: eg; the never finished St Rumbold's Cathedral, the former Palace of Margaret of Austria, the Town Hall, and several enchanting places like ‘The Anker' - one of the oldest breweries in Belgium (1471), an inner courtyard complete with cobblestones and a tympanum in grey stone with the historic date of 1625. You'll taste why ‘Gouden Carolus Classic' was elected as the "World's Best Dark Beer" ....

@dmire Alors on Dance- Swinging and Jazz tune Teambuilding in Brussels

alors-on-dance.jpg "The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."

Is there a link between this quote of Eleanor Roosevelt, Dance Music and the "Clock of the Mont des Arts"? Maybe and maybe not, but one thing is for sure, the park which connects the upper town of Brussels to the lower town is the gathering where the different teams get their consecutive assignments every hour, when a ‘man' in the clock strikes the hammer and one of the figures in the niches starts moving.

No doubt that the teams will enjoy this interactive and swinging combination of visiting the beating heart of Brussels. Dancing, making music on (among other things) djembe's and meanwhile finding answers to different questions about famous musicians with a connection to Belgium.

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