Bright Ideas - October 2014

Teambuilding goes Regeneration

teambuilding.jpg Antwerp is not only famous for its chocolate, beer, fashion or diamonds, but is a heaven of architecture with multiple regenerated buildings. These fascinating sites drastically have changed their purpose over the years, and are perfect to host teambuilding activities. Indeed, change of environment challenges and develops creativity.
The good atmosphere is as important as the ultimate goal: good leadership, trust and communication. Teambuilding activities quickly improve your team's performance.

Admire offers various teambuilding activities at interesting or within unusual regenerated sites to give it an extra dimension.

Luxurious Brussels - A hat is not just a Head!

10.jpg Belgium is certainly a small country but its cosmopolitan capital city, Brussels, is full with designer studios and shops around Sablon and Avenue Louise area.

@dmire introduces a fashion accessory to enhance your sense of style: the hat!
With an in-depth attention to detail upgrade your style dramatically.
@dmire has prepared a very personalized and exclusive program with fashionist Sylvie, a wonderful workshop combining fashion, champagne and Belgian pralines. All you have to do is indulge and enjoy.
This classy & unique boutique, located in the historical center of Brussels was founded a century ago.
Ancient techniques & savoir faire have stood still In time and Sylvie offers a tailor-made fashion class to design a hat suited to your own taste.
Some of her creations are seen from Paris to Lille to London. Sylvie tells you everything about how hats are made and ultimately how to wear them and so much more.

Hunting game in the midst of a green oasis

hunt.jpg Looking at organizing a team building session in the midst of a green oasis? Look no further than the Belgian Ardennes. Possibilities are as endless as the vast Ardennes forests!

Our specialized hunters start the Hunting Game with a brief history about hunting as a sport and hunting skills.
After getting acquainted with our hunters the game is set to start! The group is divided into different teams and receives a briefing by our local hunters. Each team is given a map of the area, a compass and a road book.

Do you have a good memory, a good sense of observation and orientation? Then you have everything it takes to get through the woods to win the Game! Several checkpoints feature along the way for each team needs to complete several tasks such as rifle shooting and observation of wildlife. The aim is to follow into the footsteps of the hunters themselves!
At the end of the trail, relax and enjoy a delicious barbecue along the water side in the beautiful Ardennes. Absorb nature as a local and feel the magic of Southern Belgium.

Give yourself a touching life experience in Brussels

1.JPG We give you the opportunity to be introduced, in an amusing and sometimes touching way to one of the oldest neighborhoods and its inhabitants of Brussels: The Marolles district as it is called, known for its popular character. It is at the origin of what later became the capital of Europe: Brussels. Here one still speaks the "Brussels language" (a mixture of French, Dutch and slang), and one experiences the familiar, cozy group feeling.

Our human feelings are to be challenged in this deep, moving and enriching life experience.

A gathering place for homeless people too and a unique opportunity to enter their world in a teambuilding activity you'll never forget. Visit a shelter for the poorest, meet these hearty warm people and let them tell you about their lives. You taste the local cuisine and will discover where world famous jazz player Toots Thielemans was born. You will cherish these memorable moments for the rest of yours.

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