Ending your year with a bang!!

Looking for an original fun way to say farewell
to 2014 with your colleagues or corporate clients?

You've come to the right place!

@dmire offers a customized all-in-one package for your end-year celebrations and Christmas party.

With a simple brief, we come up with exciting concepts and solutions that include venue hire, catering and entertainment. You sit back, relax, bring your good spirits and enjoy!

We tailor make and create your event to fit all your requirements. From a fairy-tale experience at a medieval castle, to an urban chic loft party or an elegant networking dinner in a sky lounge.... We make it happen!

Creativity , inspiration and .....bubbles !

Get Creative with emotions:
Our inspiring and motivational guest speaker is an expert in turning setbacks and stressful situations around and transforming them into boosting motivations for the future. Start 2015 with great New Year resolutions!

Creative with music:
Music is an ice breaker and a wonderful way to create synergies between people. Boost your energy level by splitting tour team in groups to master various rhythms of a song, master a range of instruments and come together as a band to contemplate the power of teamwork !

Creative with words:
What if creative brainstorming was the solution to drive creativity and innovation in a spontaneous way ? Our host is an expert in triggering the mind to produce ideas and skills to enhance creative thinking and solution finding. Brainstorming techniques are used to implement a way of thinking that will increase productivity and best practice.

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