Association Management

1. Consulting

- Strategic & organisational planning
Working in close collaboration with your staff and Committee members, @dmire can help you formulate your mission statement and develop long-term strategies. We also advise you on the organisational structure of the association in order to make the daily operations more efficient.
- PR & marketing research
Put your association in the spotlight thanks to an in-depth research focusing on public relations and marketing. This will help you develop your own marketing plan, create brand awareness and enhance the association's potential.
- Communication strategy formulation
Today, communication is a vital aspect of every association. @dmire can develop a tailor-made communication strategy that suits the needs of your association. Furthermore, we assist you in the design and the use of various communication tools such as websites, newsletters and social media.

2. Management

- Public affairs
In the field of public affairs, @dmire can assist you in developing and managing an appropriate strategy.
- Financial management
Our financial specialists can manage your bookkeeping and provide you with financial advice regarding for example legal issues and taxes.
- IT & software
@dmire provides full service IT & software assistance: design, website development, graphics, etc.

3. Daily secretariat

- Direct assistance
@dmire can be a daily secretariat and posting address for your association. This gives members the opportunity to contact us directly if they have any questions.
- Membership and database management
Thanks to a specialised computer programme, we manage memberships from A to Z. This allows us to keep a close eye on the growth of the number of members and hence the growth of the association's revenues. Our software includes member information, statistics, payment information, etc.

- Organising Board meetings
The organisation and management of periodical Board meetings is in good hands when managed by @dmire. We contact participants, search for a meeting room if necessary, draw-up meeting documents, etc.
- Programme development
Focussing on educational values, @dmire works together with your Board members to develop an interesting and exciting scientific programme.

4. Congress management

- Venue selection
- Supplier negotiations
- Invitation & registration
- Travel services & hotel bookings
- Abstract handling & scientific programme management
- Sponsorship & exhibition management
- On-site logistics
- Development of social programmes
- Financial & budget management
- Post-conference management

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