DMC Luxembourg

A growing demand to host meetings, conferences and events in Luxembourg, has led @dmire to engage in a permanent representation in the smallest European country.
Bordered by Belgium, France and Germany, the duchy of Luxembourg boasts an impressive selection of meeting and conference venues, prestigious hotels with outstanding service, a vibrant food scene and refined cuisine with 13 Michelin starred restaurants.

Our excellent network of partners in Luxembourg city and throughout the country, world-class bastion of finance and European institutions, guarantees high standards in the organization of all events. There is a constant buzz of political, economic and cultural life in Luxembourg! Over the years, delegates from the world visiting Luxembourg for conventions and international conferences organized by @dmire have enjoyed a range of cultural programs, from tours of the UNESCO listed fortified old-city to wine tasting in the Moselle, to the thermal spas of Mondorf-Les-Bains.
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