If you are looking for teambuilding ideas that are unique to pursue corporate objectives and give your delegates memories to treasure forever, look no further.
@dmire is specialist in designing and running experiences which add value for companies and organizations, brands and products.
To enhance team bonding, our teambuilding exercises tackle some of the issues in the workplace such as time management, delegation and communication, and help make the most of colleague's individual strengths to gain the best from essential members of the team.
We offer a range of teambuilding ideas including adventure pursuits, problem solving, experiential learning, challenges and a host of other great ways to motivate your teams.
An increasing number of local and multinational companies turn to @dmire for teambuilding, as we deliver performance improvement strategies and operational excellence that help your company and staff grow globally, energize performance and share defining moments.

Here is a selection of teambuildings, please contact us for the full listing of activities we can offer.

Teambuilding ideas

cycling.jpg The cycling season is taking off as from March.

Cycling in Flanders is not just riding a bike. It's even more than an activity. It is about reflecting tradition, history, passion, talent and the good life.
Cycling engages people from all backgrounds, young and old. Your team can also experience this cycling Flandrien vibe with #admirebelgium for a day.

We elaborated several programs for teams as from 10 People - Different type of Bikes, routes and distances are possible, but you all will experience this unique Belgian cycling tradition and culture.

img-20150602-120013.jpg Belgian Gin Tasting at your event

Become your own gin distiller at one of your events?

Or perhaps book a Belgian gin tasting for your guests to discover the skill of gin making.

After understanding the origins of gin and its history in Belgium, participants are guided through a tasting of well-known gins to identify each spirit's principal flavourings-known as botanicals. The fun part is when you get to mix your gin and taste/learn about the changing flavour profile with the different volatility levels of the botanicals.

A masterclass to master the G&T? A must this year!

go-carttrophy-2.JPG Go Cart trophy at the coast

Team spirit is seriously tested on this great day out on the Belgian coast.
Participants are handed maps with indications of checkpoints along the way. When reaching a checkpoint, teams are challenged and quizzed to pass and continue further into the race.

From funtube ( walking in a giant tube without falling), to blindfolded trails, to parachute communication or mini-bicycle rides, or from disposing of toxic waste, to shrimp peeling or beer tasting, we promise a packed full day of adventure and laughter !!!

mountenbike.jpg Mountain BiKE experience in the Sonian Forest

In the time of the Romans, the Sonian Forest was part of a huge territory which extended from the banks of the Rhine and Moselle all the way to the North Sea. It provides today a great network of cycling paths and the set for a multitude of outdoor activities. The Mountain bike day out by @dmire is a must to try out!

After a short drive to the south-eastern edge of Brussels, we reach the Sonian forest to feast at the splendid 1900's Belle Epoque villa for a lunch of a barbecue. A cosy setting in a private garden, surrounded by 6 horse stables and pasture....sounds good, right?

Action follows and everyone saddles up their mountain bike for a guided ride through the woods. A fun and active group activity to experience as a team!

belgian-waffles-1.jpg Brussels - Gastronomy walk to tackle your taste buds

Take a tasting tour through the dynamic and turbulent history of Brussel led by our expert guides.
Participants taste, sample and rate different culinary delights using the 5 "S," seeing, swirling, smell, sip, and maybe spit, to compare colors, flavors and tastes in the historical part of the city centre. Cooking classes can be organized on request.
5 stops are on the agenda: Aperitif, 3 course meal, desert to start be washed down by our local beverages!
Knowledge, action and delicacies feature in the package.

beer-tasting-tray.jpg The Beer Olympics

With more than 700 local brands in Belgium, beer is more than just a frothy beverage - it is a culture. @dmire takes you on a beer trail to explore the country's unparalleled reputation for specialty beers since the Middle ages through unique and authentic locations, such as abbey breweries, ancient cellars or family run breweries.
This unique teambuilding concept of sampling variety, real flavor and character beers delights connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

330.JPG Go Green in Brussels

This team building event is one for the preservation of our common future and one that should be at the forefront of every person and companies conscience. Teams knowledge and ideas are tested, relevant to ecological issues through quizzes and 6 exciting team tasks to raise awareness of our carbon footprint. A cycling trail through the Sonian Forest and the green areas of Brussels is on the agenda.

3.JPG Brussels - The taste of Europe

@dmire leads your team through an exciting discovery tour of the European capital and the EU headquarter with a series of educational and entertaining quizzes to familiarize with all the nations of the big European family. From anything from gastronomy and culinary delights, to music, sports, cultural specialties and fashion trends!
The 28 member states have never been so close to you!

fries-by-lesley.jpg Antwerp - Become an expert in Belgian Fries !

Fries are a serious matter in Belgium, these golden deep fried potato chuncks are God's gift to Belgian people and a distinctive aspect of the food culture.
Making tasty crunchy fries requires training, skills and certainly a little bit of talent.
Set in an authentic friterie workshop in the heart of Antwerp, our fries workshop offers your team the opportunity to deliver unbeatable real Belgian fries and gain a life- long competence in the fries making world.
Uncover the secrets of our fries in a fun, entertaining, interactive and educational way>

5.jpg Fashion Show in Antwerp, European Capital of Fashion

Dedicated follower of fashion or complete fashion victim? Then Antwerp features on your list of 'must-visit' destinations. Dubbed by many 'the Paris of the North' for its avant-garde clothing, designer furniture and ground-breaking original accessories, Antwerp displays its creative talents in the world of fashion.
Teams of fashion designers are formed and creativity tested on a higher level. Defining style preferences together, managing the creative budget and anticipating on forthcoming trends to create a fashion range for a fashion show is the order of the day.

gent.jpg Ghent - Rescue game

Embark on the ultimate discovery tour of the medieval city of Gent to rescue one of your colleagues imprisoned behind the thick stone walls of the imposing fortress of the Castle of the Counts.
Teams complete their secret missions and trace clues utilizing a wide range of skill sets from problem solving opportunities to physical agility to interpersonal dynamics. Clues feature cultural and historical knowledge, observation, and team work.

dancing-by-lesley.jpg Antwerp - So you think you dance like John Travolta?

Want to get ready for your next Saturday night fever and rock the club like never before?
Being able to dance has become more and more popular and everyone is realizing how much fun it can be, especially with colleagues.
@dmire helps you explore your creative side and your dancing skills in a 70's club in the heart of Antwerp.

This corporate team dance program reinforces teams by enhancing communication, relationships, self-esteem and social awareness.

relooking.jpg @dmire your personal transformation !

First impressions matter.
Your appearance, make-up, hair style and way of dressing are as important as your smile in our competitive professional world. When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in business and social relationships.
Looking for a general self-image improvement?
Then look no further, you have found the perfect partner to help you develop the confidence to dress with style and individuality and showcase your personality to the world.

2.JPG A taste of Antwerp

Passionate about food ?Then Antwerp is undeniably a must visit destination.
Its busy centre, sprinkled with laid-back restaurants excels at combining traditional Flemish specialties and gastronomic experiences. Creams of the crop are the Hands of Antwerp, the bolleke Koninck or filet d'Anvers.
Led by expert guide, @dmire takes you on a foodie journey and a unique flavor retrospective around the city centre for a scrumptious exploration, which can be combined with a workshop or a strategic meeting to work out participants' appetite.

comic-strip-by-admire.JPG The Comic Strip Trail

Belgium is the homeland of the 9th Art and Brussels, the undisputed Capital of European Comic Strip! Meet comic heroes such as Tintin, Lucky Luke and Largo Winch and discover Brussels hides a secret colorful side in its backstreets.
We lead you into the city's hidden nooks and crannies and towards some dashing pieces of street art and comic strip frescos displaying the adventures of Tintin, Asterix and company.
Develop hawk eyes throughout the trail and become adept at spotting the 30-plus frescoes that pepper the route.

12.JPG Fifties Fever

Twist and shout with a 1950's theme teambuilding day for your staff as we celebrate Expo '58
The day is based around the Atomium, Brussel's most famous landmark structure rising at 102 meters high, and comprises of a trail to explore Brussels fifties lifestyle.Teams are challenged through quiz questions, some requiring knowledge, logic, other deduction, but all requiring excellent teamwork!
We offer a wide selection of complete 50's themed programs and excel at customizing the quiz by incorporating some corporate questions.

10.JPG Cosmopolitan Brussels Experience : Segway tours

Ready for a group experience to remember in Brussels?

We offer a unique fun-filled segway experience around the capital of Belgium, providing a mixture of charming history, beautiful architecture and culinary delights.
We offer fun, unique, and safe guided tours on our celebrated segways after a professional training to segway it from one sight to the other, from the Royal palace to the Museum district and around other major attractions.

15.jpg Kick Scooter tour of Antwerp

Cycling is a cool mean of getting around a city, but it also feels good to keep one foot on the ground. Kick scooters are a fun way of discovering Antwerp and keeping your team active!
We take you through the highlights of Antwerp and the city center's cobblestones guarantee a good dose of laughter. Plenty of terraces to rest after action!

img-0898.jpg Circus Skills : The Show must go on!

To break down barriers, banish preconceived notions and get everyone participating in a lively and energetic atmosphere, our Circus team building challenge is ideal to unlock potential and learn new skills. circus workshop. Teams work together to master traditional circus skills and discover abilities they never knew they possessed! The result is a rewarding experience that promises to develop team synergy, boost perseverance, self-esteem and forges an irreplaceable bond between your team and recipients

beer-ingredients.jpg Brew your own beer.

We offer four different courses to our participants:

1. The Discovery Course : discover the art of homebrewing during our 1 day activity.
2. The BrewMaster Course : become a brewmaster and brew great beer at home;
3. Team-Building Sessions : brew a beer with your company during a challenging business game;
4. Beer-Tasting Evenings : learn how beer is made by tasting some very specific beers with us;
Our staff includes experienced homebrewers and professional brewers who know everything about the art of making great beer Fully-customised activities are also possible, so please contact us if you wish to discuss this option.

belenco2.jpg Antwerp Fashion Hunt

Antwerp Fashion Hunt is a new and fashionable game with surprising tasks for groups with the city as its playground. Thanks to the trendy design, interesting fashion facts and surprising tasks, this unique game is bound to become an unforgettable experience! The group will be divided into teams and discover the most amazing city of Belgium.

A Belgian beer tasting and a coffee break with delicious Belgian chocolates or local "Antwerp hands" will turn these 03 hours activity into an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Practical details:
• Groups starting from 15 till 200 pax.
• 02 road books ( questionnaires ) provided per group
• Languages: English, German, French or Dutch
• Prices as from € 25,00 per person


The new born of our creations to spice up your business meetings and events !
Looking for something different for your next company event or meeting? Need to wake up your team and enhance collaborative team work?
@dmire are the quiz professionals with a digital touch. In this concept we use electronic device such as a laptop, tablet or Ipad as an interactive tool to create competition and synergies between different teams. Ideal to include everyone and make sure each member of staff is involved during a working lunch or dinner.
We tailor each quiz to our audience, and can include questions based on general knowledge or specific corporate or industry related topics - all topped off with our unique electronic scoreboard to keep the audience's adrenaline flowing.

belgian-chocolate.jpg Admire the Taste of Chocolate

Belgium is famous around the world for its high quality chocolate. The chocolate bonbon, or praline, was invented in Brussels in 1912 by Jean Neuhaus, who paved the way for chocolate makers. In modern culture, there are over 2,000 Belgian chocolatiers.

This once in a lifetime Chocolate Tour, follows a trail of the top chocolate shops as a guided walking tour. It's a chocoholic's dream!

Groups can add in a teambuilding element with a multiple choice questionnaire to test their knowledge of Belgian Chocolate, and meanwhile a dedicated guide will tell of the history of Brussels and explain why it's famous for mouthwatering chocolate, while they point out major Brussels sights, such as the Sablon area and The Gallery St Hubert.

Who wouldn't love to visit several chocolate boutiques, enjoy tastings of delectable Belgian treats and finally ...end by creating their own chocolates!

golf-carts.jpg Teambuilding Flanders Fields -Nieuwpoort

Immerse yourself in this historic tale and relive history by bike or electric cart. Every team gets a number of @dmire trials presented at different locations (the death row, the bridge of Tervaete, the canal locks at Newport, the old railway, etc). If the team members manage to finish them well, they deserve several medals of Honor. Off course, the journey doesn't have to be too rough all day long, for instance one of the trials includes a local beer tasting. Cheers.
But don't forget the ultimate goal... Expel the opponent with your team and eternal glory will be yours within the company!!

alors-on-dance.jpg @dmire Alors on Dance- Swinging and Jazz tune Teambuilding in Brussels

"The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."
Is there a link between this quote of Eleanor Roosevelt, Dance Music and the "Watch of the Mont des Arts"? Maybe and maybe not, but one thing is for sure, the park which connects the upper town of Brussels to the lower town is the gathering where the different teams get their consecutive assignments every hour, when a ‘man' in the clock strikes the hammer and one of the figures in the niches starts moving.

mechelen-sint-romboutstoren.jpg @dmire-Mechelen and Moon Extinguishers -Teambuilding

Thanks to the exclusive @dmire teambuilding, you can inhale, see, smell and taste the air of ancient times. We assure you a great time in the city where Lodewijk van Beethoven, father of one of the greatest musicians ever, was born. Your guess was correct; the name of his son was Ludwig.
You will experience, the authenticity of far-off days: eg; the never finished St Rumbold's Cathedral, the former Palace of Margaret of Austria, the Town Hall, and several enchanting places like ‘The Anker' - one of the oldest breweries in Belgium (1471), an inner courtyard complete with cobblestones and a tympanum in grey stone with the historic date of 1625. You'll taste why ‘Gouden Carolus Classic' was elected as the "World's Best Dark Beer" ....

dsc-3895.JPG Fencing Teambuilding experiences

@dmire offers corporate fencing experiences which have a very positive effect on team dynamics! Fencing is the ideal sport to help develop resistance to pressure, concentration, anticipation and timing. We deliver a number of different fencing experiences ranging from a 2 hour coaching session to a full day of activities and are happy to tailor to fit your own individual requirements. Fencing experiences can take place during the morning, afternoon or after work hours. The session includes a brief history of fencing, safety briefing, warm-up session, demonstration and an explanation of basic fencing techniques. Are you ready for the dual?

maison-gillis-1-sylvie-gauthier.jpg A hat is not just a Head!

@dmire has prepared a very personalized and exclusive program with Sylvie Gauthier
This boutique of both class and character is situated in the historic centre of Brussels. Founded a century ago, it has preserved the techniques and the savoir-faire of its ancient milliners. It is here that Sylvie Gauthier will offer her advice and you have the unique chance to enjoy these magnificent hat creations produced by the hands of Mrs Gauthier. Some of her creations can also be seen in Paris, Lille and London. It's a fun and creative workshop accompanied with the flavors of Champagne and Belgian Chocolate.

ciepoingg4.JPG Graffiti, a Modern art Challenge

Graffiti isn't linked anymore with street pollution but becomes a new trend and a real modern art form ideal for a great corporate team building exercise.

@dmire is always on top of the newest trends; never tried it before? Our artists will be on hand to help everyone step by step to be able to complete their very own master piece.

From start to finish participants will work with the artist using pen, spray paint. This can be done on a brick or metal wall on your premises, or create a piece of work that can be displayed in your office or taken home.
This exercise is totally tailored made around your requirements and several budget options are available.

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