Efficient communication solutions for your online and hybrid events and meetings.

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As meeting design architects @dmire offers you innovative and efficient communication solutions for your online and hybrid events and meetings:

We listen to your needs and assist you to redefine your meeting and event strategy with a selection of the right content to communicate interactive, fun and accessible programs focused on HD results.

We are here to orchestrate your concept in a digital world and boost engagement during online meetings with:

- Full technical support from our preferred partners to activate online streaming, event broadcasting and high production values.

- Production designers creating the right look & feel and selecting the required studio or venue

- Inspirational speakers & facilitators

- Playful learning concepts and virtual teambuilding exercises

- Secured online polling systems to capture powerful instant feedback

- Virtual learning roundtable and chat rooms

Face-to-face engagement is undeniable, but sometimes, circumstances such as travel restrictions or budget restrictions mean that live is not enough or not an option so the need is there and let us work together around these barriers.


Face-to-face engagement is undeniably essential, however nowadays travel or budget restrictions make it difficult to meet in real life and therefore we would like to work together around these barriers and present you new options!