Healthy Food Dynamics.

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A teambuilding somehow original and not yet common related to food and health.




Event Management
DMC Belgium

The European Food Information Council (EUFIC) asked us to organize a team event ,somehow original and not yet common related to food and health.

The @dmire team therefore got the idea to create this  event in an organic market garden. The concept we had in mind was to present the farm, the organic production but also and above all  to get the team involved and educated.

The idea was implemented at  a nature-friendly farm nearby Brussels.  The values and concept got explained and the group got in to the fruit and vegetable production where they picked the seasonable products such as : kohlrabi, mange-tout, strawberries, raspberries, salads... Freshly picked for their own lunch. An encounter with the pigs and chickens was followed and fresh eggs were collected.

Before eating, the participants put their hands in the soil to plant some young lettuce shoots.

When the collection of all necessary ingredients, was done  the team split into two groups: one cleaned and cut the fruit and vegetables while the others prepared homemade apple juice. Once the lunch mandala was created and the juice was squeezed, everyone settled down with a healthy appetite.

After lunch it was tie some bee animation whereas they were witness of a swarm that had migrated outside as well as all the hives.

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