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.This Australian delegation enjoyed their special interest tour organized by Admire to Belgium with the traditional ingredients of a chocolate workshop, immersing  themselves in Belgium's legendary beer culture, visiting our national Icon, the Atomium and having a specific admiration for our Art Nouveau and Art Deco mansions.

Brussels is undoubtedly the Art Nouveau capital of the world, The Art Nouveau style emerged at the end of the nineteenth century in opposition to the Eclectic style. It is characterized by its curved lines, rhythmic designs, plays of color, attention to detail and creativity. Today, it forms a major part of the architectural heritage of Brussels.

Art Deco was an early twentieth-century architectural style which emerged after the First World War. It represented a complete stylistic break from Art Nouveau, using straight, streamlined, geometric forms and emphasizing surfaces, volumes, symmetry and contrasts. Brussels contains many heritage buildings that made major contributions to the style's development.

2023 will be the year of Art Nouveau in Brussels!

130 years after the construction of Victor Horta’s Hôtel Tassel – known as the very first Art Nouveau building -, Admire Belgium invites you to celebrate Brussels with us as the capital of European Art Nouveau. Admire Belgium organizes guided special interest tours where your love of European art can be celebrated while visiting architectural masterpieces, workshops, lectures, publications, interior visits, etc.

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