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Brussels is a cosmopolitan destination featuring world-class dining, shopping, creativity, architecture and entertainment and it's no wonder many companies turn to @dmire each year in quest of an authentic incentive experience in our capital city.

220 English guests enjoyed the diversity of Belgian delightful restaurants.
A 5 senses city tour was organized for all of the guests escorted by professional guides to uncover the sights, secrets and flavors of Brussels . We are thrilled to always showcase the best that Belgium has to offer , so a visit to a local ‘Café'-for some serious beer tasting-Dandoy, for some speculoos treat, or chocolate tastings are obligatory s visits for an engaging teambuilding and local culture browsing. Entertainment on the way featured with Jazz and Brussels Toone Puppets.

Optional activities in the afternoon included a brewery tour, a visit to the Christmas market, an orientation activity tour, a ch


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