Brussels Stock Exchange hosts W&R Chairman’s Cabinet dinner.

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When one of the largest asset management and financial planning firms in the USA picked Belgium for a 3-days incentive VIP programme for top qualifiers and contacted @dmire, one of the most iconic buildings of Brussels was closely considered.
We are lucky enough to work in partnership with a unique, elegant and historical venue at the heart of Brussels? ..The Stock Exchange , built in the 1870's was the place where animated and vivid negotiations took place. It is today a fantastic venue, history in a frozen state, with a magnificent interior, decorated high ceilings and sculptures.

The firm hosted its Gala dinner at the Stock Exchange and @dmire's long standing catering partner delighted the guests as they were taking in the history and vibrant atmosphere of the place.
To fully experience the essence of Belgium and its culinary specialities, a beer and chocolate tour of the Belgian capital city was arranged, followed by a day visit to one of the


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