Insurance Company experienced the best of Belgium

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It was a great delight to welcome a delegation of 75 Mexican agents from the Houston based company CAIC Seguros USA to attend the Commercial Alliance Insurance Company Brussels earlier this month and stay with us for 5 overnights in Brussels. A full hospitality program was designed to allow them to experience the best of Belgium, enjoy a cultural journey and participate in a successful conference.

@dmire was selected to take care of the whole hospitality experience, from transfers to accommodation, from dinners to a full day excursion to discover Belgian culture.

Guests enjoyed a stay at the 5* Hotel Metropole centered in the cosmopolitan capital of Brussels where medieval, gothic, art nouveau, and art deco architectural influences converge. One their first day, the delegation visited the historic town of Bruges and its wonderful architecture and identity. Other highlights of their visit to Belgium include an Award night reception at the 18th century Ca


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