Top Management 2CV Rally

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A classic car rally is always great fun and Pandox, of one of Europe's leading hotel property companies turned to @dmire's unrivalled expertise to organise a strategic meeting and teambuilding event for the top management away from the ordinary.

The Holiday Inn Diegem played host to the meeting on June ,10th and 11th 2013 whilst an exciting experience in the outdoor space was planned for the afternoon.
We developed a complete corporate event experience for a team of 60 staff to share the joys of riding a 2CV, showing off their driving skills, map reading and sightseeing.
Teams of 4 headed out on a bright day for our kick-off rally of the year through a scenic route to Brussels suiting passengers and drivers alike. With feedback ranging from 'best corporate experience' to 'when can we do it again?' we'll be taking up the mantle and re-running this motivational experience again!
Despite the busy day and tight timings we m


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