Total at the movies

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Total requested us to organize their award gala to celebrate their best gas stations. Out of the 29 nominees 5 winners were selected. @dmire used their B2C marketing campaign (Movies) to turn this event into a great incentive.
Hosts of the evening at Le Grand Salon in Beersel were Marilyn Monroe and Sean Connery. They welcomed all the guests on the red carpet in real Hollywood style. The décor was set up with old TVs, radios, film rolls etc.

The receptions started at the Orangerie where 90 invitees were culinary pampered with cocktails and fine appetizers topped off with some live bass and sax music.
Diner itself was in a magnificent banqueting hall decorated with Humphrey Bogart and Charlie Chaplin statues. Virginie Claes, former Miss Belgium , presented the whole evening.
Everybody felt as award winners and ended the evening in style with a smile and another amazing experience.